Thursday, November 5 2015

Derrick Rose Injury and His Condition

Derrick_Rose.jpgCHICAGO, Derrick Rose the guard of Chicago Bulls having a left orbital fractured during the practice on the Tuesday’s and also will have the undergo surgery on the Wednesday as the team announced it. Derrick Rose also known as the good player in the Bulls and his absent will make the team weak and maybe its really dangerous thing for the team itself. And also his return still unknown and the Bulls said that they will give update if the new information comes out. His health issues start when his eye socket fracture in long time ago. And also it’s affected on his playing in the field. On the ACL he also tore his left knee apart in 2012 April. He also missed the 2012-13 seasons because of that injury. He also experience the medical meniscus in his right knee in 2013 November and missed the entire season on the 2013-14. Rose maybe the basketball player that had many of injury on his body. But, it doesn’t hold him back as he always gave the best games every time he played. Rose also had a meniscectomy on his right knee. He got it on February and he missed the 31 regular season during the 2014-15. Rose just played in regular 100 season games since the beginning. Rose injury maybe something that can’t stop him from playing the basketball, because you can say that he always play really well in the field and always give the best for the team. And his injury will really affect the team and because of that the team will always give us the news about his latest condition. And we hope that Rose could be in the field as soon as possible. Rose also sustained his injury when he takes an elbow on his face. And its makes him left early in the Tuesday’s practice. His teammates and his first year coach, his name is Fred Hoiberg did not seem overly concerned about it. Taj Gibson said that “He got little elbow.” And also he said again “we don’t even know about the severity of it. But, hopefully everything fine and he’ll be fine. I know it’s tough. But, it was one of those players. Especially when you got it on practice. When everybody going hard and hard. It’s just tough.” Taj Gibson said on the media earlier. Gibson also hinted that maybe he could be the one who delivered the elbow on Derrick Rose. Gibson said “I don’t know,” and he said again “it might have been me, but, it’s just one of the players, and in practice everyone going everything that they could as hard as they can. Hopefully he’s ok.” Hoiberg also described that a really good elbow. So, hopefully Derrick Rose can be in the field as soon as possible, and of course his injury will makes the team weak. And hopefully Bulls can take it. We’ll keep you update with the latest new from Derrick Rose as soon as the team announce it.

Monday, November 2 2015

Johana Konta and Azarenka Leg Issue

Johana_Konta.jpgJohana Konta the Britain tennis player has reached the last 16 at the Wuhan Open in China in this season after Victoria Azarenka who retired because of the leg injury in the round two. The 24 years old Johana Konta Led with 6-4-1-0 when the former number one tennis player Azarenka decided that she couldn’t continue to play. Johana Konta won against Azarenka in the Wuhan Open in this season. Konta also is the 66 number tennis player in the world, she also will replace Heather Watson as the Britannia number one tennis player on the next weeks rankings. Of course its something that really perfect for her in her early age. She also came through two rounds of qualification in Wuhan Tournament. She’s joining 19 of the world’s top 20 on the main draw. In round three Konta also will play against the Romanian top seed Simona Halep after the world number two successfully beat the Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova with 6-2-6-1. Of course the game will really amazing, because both of them is the very good player and also one of the best player today’s. And it’ll makes the Wuhan Open will feels really different than ever before. Simona Halep also good tennis player with many awards and also she’ll meet with Konta in the round three of this Wuhan Open new season. Konta also claims that she already win 20th matches in 21 matches of course just one time lose and its something that really amazing in this Wuhan open tournament in this season. Of course its makes the game with Simona will be really amazing and really worth to watch. She start in the 126th position and flying like a rocket in the 66th rankings. And her opponents might have something that we can say as physically struggling. So, this could be the game of the year and really amazing for all of you who really love tennis. In the other side, Azarenka has spoken about her injury and also her leg issue after the first round of the match. And she was clearly hampered with two double faults when handed Konta in opening service break. However she’s play with confidence and struggling until the last of the limit of her body. So, she deserve the best for her. And of course she hope that she can back to the field as soon as possible. To play again and tell the world that she still as good as she used to be. And we all hope the best for her recovery from her leg issue. So, she can go back to the field and play again as the champion of the tennis world. Don’t forget to see the match of the year between Johana Konta and Simona Halep in this round three of the Wuhan open tournament which will be really amazing, because two of amazing and also very finest tennis player will duel against each other. So, don’t miss the game, because maybe this can be the very good games that ever happen in Wuhan open tournament.

Saturday, October 24 2015

Shenzhen Open 2015 and New Rising Star

Aljaz_Bedene.jpgShenzhen open china 2015 have something that really amazing. Said the British number two tennis player Aljaz Bedene, because he saw a Russia’s name Mikhail Youzhny played really amazing and in straight to sets the reach to the second round on the Shenzhen open in this season. Youzhny is won against the tennis player in the 55th ranked. And Youzhny itself still in the 91 on the world number. In the round two, Youzhny will play against 19 years old Hyeon Chung from South Korean and also known as the rising star. Of course many people will wait the games to see the two brilliant player in the field. Youzhny beat the 55th ranked in the 26th and won with 6-3-6-3. And he step into the round two and will play against 19 years old boy from South Korean. In Shenzhen open in this season the Czech tennis player Berdych and also Marin Cilic from Croatia in the top of the classification.” This season is really hot, because there are many good player. The veteran VS the young guns makes this season really bring something that really amazing for me as one of the veteran tennis player,” said Berdych. He hope about something that can makes this Shenzhen open will bring the heat and of course to get the top of the classification is not something that easy to do. Aljaz Bedene is born in Slovenia. But, in the March 2015 he becomes the UK citizen. He in the second place and have 45 in ranked. Still above the British player Kyle Edmund who in the three Class. Tennis becomes something that really fun to catch on, because there are many thing that can makes your heart beat so fast. And also in tennis also you can find a very beautiful young lady who played really amazing. As for your example Maria Sharapova. Of course you really familiar with her name, because she’s one of the best woman tennis player in the world. “In this new season of Shenzhen open you can find many good and amazing player that can makes you wont stop to practice and of course to keep up with the young guns, you need extra hours to makes you can still play well and also to train your reflect.” Bedene said. But, of course this round two with Youzhny and Hyeon is the most hot topic, because you’ll see the two of very finest tennis player duel against each other which will be really good thing to see. And maybe it wont happen twice in your lifetimes. This 2015 season is the very amazing season on the Shenzhen open, there are many things that happen and also many new guns comes with new styles and also ability. So, this Shenzhen open 2015 is one of the best open that ever happen really worth to see, especially when Hyeon from North Korean meet Youzhny from Russia in this match. Of course it’ll be something that really amazing to see.

Wednesday, October 21 2015

Michael Vick is Ready for Filling In

Michael_Vick.jpgRoethlisberger makes a comment earlier Tuesday about the expectation he made for Vick. He wants Vick to be the best player based on his capability and possibility. Vick is selected for a reason that may be used to help the team. He has enough experience in the game in included in a good environment and group. It is important for everyone to perform tasks that assigned to them. Such discipline would eventually give them a chance to make everything fine. It is important to help each other win the tam thus a god environment can be achieved for coach, manger, and players. Vick said that he have learned a lot of things last season. He got into the season to replace Geno Smith. As a replacement he manages to perform 53 percent of overall pas that he should make. He doesn’t have an experience of being a backup but he can understand what to do about it.

It is obvious that Michael Vick still have the good capability of health player and quick legs. That ability can produce some important moments for a game in Thursday night that will be held at Heinz Field against Baltimore Ravens as the opponent. Vick doesn’t expect that he can maintain his speed at his age of 35 but he knows that he still able to move for the game. Such statement is made in front of a reporter in Tuesday practice at a locker room. Vick understands that in his age right now he may not have another opportunity to make an achievement in a team. In August he is included in the list of free agent. Now he is used as a replacement for Ben Roethlisberger that has been injured.

Roethlisberger have to stay at the sideline for six weeks. He has a sprain on his MCL. For Vicks that was a great opportunity and he isn’t really sure whether he still has a chance to make the opportunity again. Vicks doesn’t have a team a month ago. With this opportunity he feels exalted and wants to enjoy the situation freely, raking all the pleasure of the moment and making the best experience in the field with teammates. He still refuse to give up though he had to stay outside the field and don’t have any team until Steelers brings him near the end of August. Vick says that he would keep his faith and believe until he gets this chance.

He said that he likes to do the sport thus he won’t stop doing it. Todd Haley is a coordinator for offensive tactics every Mondays for several hours in the night. On such meeting he would discuss the game plan. Haley said that Vick knowledge about the game system is something impressive. Normally in Pittsburgh he just has to bring the ball to playmakers and stand aside while the miracle is made. In short week he will have the opportunity to go out and improvise. Lots of things could happen and performed on the line of offense.

Sunday, October 18 2015

Patterson Method of Defending Julio Jones

Patterson.jpgIt is important for Julio Jones to get full attention from the league after making a record for several aspects in the last season. This is a great achievement that Julio Jones manages to achieve at this season. He is a wide receiver from Atlanta Falcons that mange to get 34 catches in just three games at the beginning on this season. Such achievement is real news for the history of NFL. He manages to add 440 in his receiving yards thus eventually he may have 2,347 yards in total. This total amount would be far different compared to Calvin Johnson that mange to make 1,964 yard in one season. He also manages to make our touchdown that puts him in two touchdowns difference between this and the last season.

It is important to hear about opponent idea to stop the record monster that 6-foot-3 while stands tall and 220-pound of weight. People will need a prayer that may save them from Jones. Browns commented about Jones performance in the last game, and say that Jones is just an overall. In overall he is the best receiver in NFL. By size and speed he manages to catch the ball and fly it vertical. Browns also said that if Calvin comes out of breaks he will be able to build speed and body. The situation is different with Julio. The package of skill set is different. The guy is fast, strong, and big. With such size he manages to make various courses running. It is easy for people to be amazed while looking at him making speed to the top with his amazing vertical speed that looks very good.

In collaboration with other interviewers for NFL a group that consist of Josh Weinfuss, Pat McManamon, Sheil Kapadia, and Jeff Legwold make an attempt to make top cornerbacks commenting for Jones and strategy to take him down. In the interview and players is asked to make a comment about his method. Patrick Peterson a cornerback in Arizona Cardinals faced Jones last season. He is a Pro Bowler for four-times. He always boast his capability to win most battle that happened against Jones in college. Peterson was take a college at LSU while Jones take a college at Alabama. Jones is only capable to make 189 receiving yards and performs only 10 catches during the game against Peterson and his team Cardinals.

In the process Jones had to face a direct battle at 32-yard touchdown. Falcons eventually won the game 29-18. Next week jones add 259 more yards for his receiving record in a game against Green Bay. Patterson idea of stopping jones is by making a disruption between him and the quarterback. Such disruption will make a difficulty for him to catch any ball from the air and go down with it. Without proper guard touchdown will happen for the most try. Complete guard against him is important thus he may never able to move freely on the field. It is important to have faster catcher and stronger tackler.

Thursday, October 15 2015

Golden Tate Finds Out that Lions is Predictable

c03 tate 0102A receiver in Detroit Lion, Golden Tate makes a statement in Tuesday. He said that players from opposing team arrange a meet with him to say things about their knowledge about the game. This talk is interesting since the knowledge about game situation could help another player. Such interesting situation brings Tate to a question that addressed to him on his weekly interview on 105.1 FM radio. The interview is performed at Detroit. In the interview he is asked to respond Bradley Roby a cornerback in Denver Broncos that give a comment to Detroit News. The comment is addressed at Sunday. In the comment he said that he always know what kind of game that opponent will pull at his team.

Tate said on Tuesday, that Roby didn’t say anything about what he heard from other player related to the strategy that will be played by Joe Lombardi as an offensive coordinator. He said that he didn’t hear any of that from the player and he never read anything about it. He also said that this year another player have said the same thing. There are other occasion when they actually call out the play we make. That is one of the example since it can be addressed in other way that indicate someone know what opponent team wants to achieve. He said that he don’t understand what makes them know or what kind of video that they have watched previously thus they can make a gusess on the game strategy.

This means that we should make a reevaluation about the things we perform during the game. We need to understand our own pattern, and look at things that make the effort obvious. It is not easy to figure out our own tendency of movement and position placement. Whatever that makes people now what we want to do should be found since it should be bad for the team progress if people can easily know our plan. It’s been three games and in each occasion there is always somebody that come to him and says that they knew the plan. Such situation is far from good. Jim Caldwell is a coach for Lions is questioned about their ofensif method that they often use. The questioning is happened in Monday thus it is right after 24-12 loss of Lions to Denver.

He coach is asked about the probability of such issue. But he doesn’t answer the question but gave an explanation about the method that used in executing the instruction for offensive team. He didn’t make any accusation or criticism to Lombardi in the process. He also said in the interview that he won’t take Lombardi duties to call opponent play. Caldwell simply said no to respond a question of the possibility of him to make such move. At this point Lions have lost his game 0-3. On each game it is obvious that lions have a trouble in making a good offense. The exasperated Tate would make an appointment with Matthew Stafford and arrange something.

Wednesday, October 7 2015

Atlanta's creativity is keeping Julio Jones open

Julio_Jones.jpgFalcons finally announce they plan in player changes. They make an arrangement to bring Mickey Shuler back to the team. This guy is also known as 53-man roster which is a nick name that brought him to a good name in his football career. Tyler Polumbus the player that have a position of tackle is released. There is another position that needs to be filled by a selection of capable tight end. This needs emerged because the Jacob Tamme have to follow a protocol that mandatory for player with concussion. The process of such protocol is quite long and he may be released this week from it. The ony choice that available on the rooster is Levine Toilolo. As the only tight end tight end on the short selection of the active roster the position obviously will be handled by him. Polumbus release would give a chance for a veteran player Jake Long to assume his position. He is assumed to be ready to make swings and tackle behind Jake Matthews and Ryan Schraeder a starter player.

Wide receiver in Atlanta Falcons, Julio Jones is making a ridiculous start and opens a possibility to ruin various spot of receiving marks. Such situation would obviously happen if he didn’t change drastically and maintain his current pace or somewhere near it. Jones manages to build up to 34 receptions and four touchdowns in 440 yards. It is quite fast considering that this is his first three games in this season and that means he just join the team for 33 weeks. Achieving 34 receptions is the best achievement since there is no other player can make that number in their first three weeks of joining an NFL season. With such pace it can be calculated that Jones may finish the year racking 181 catches for 2,346 yards and 21 touchdowns.

Though he may not make this number but looking at his pace, a prediction about great record that could be made is automatically comes to mind. Should he manage to make the same pace in each game he will be able to make Marvin Harrison records that he made on 2002 by gathering 143 receptions or a record from Calvin Johnson which is made on 2012 by running 1,964 yards is far behind the number Jones may achieve. Jones pace would also make him in line Randy Moss record that make 23 touchdown with single-season in 2007.

From the appearance Jones is obviously a great weapon for matchup. He has an awesome speed in straight-line and his body size can be considered freakish by standing tall at 6-foot-3 and weigh220 pounds. The capability of making such great record would allow a higher result than just the best receiver from Falcons. He can’t do the record setting alone thus he would need a lot of Matt Ryan that capable of throwing at quick fade, while he makes his comeback, or when he curl. The combination is an important thing since Jones will always be available to catch those throws.

Saturday, October 3 2015

David Carr Pranks on Derek Carr

David_Carr.jpgDerek Carr says that he manages to get into agen bola terpercaya NFL is because of his brother. It is David Carr that always help Derek in some problem he need to face during the process and while he is in the NFL. Derek Carr doesn’t forget to say good thing about his brother that allow him to reach a chance for being a part of the biggest football league. As a brother their relationship is pretty close since the brother often pulls pranks on him. Once on the past David makes various pranks that escalated to a fight between brothers. Things may get worse since Derek is 12 years younger than David and there is another brother between them.

With great tendency to be a good quarterback Carr always gets an attention from media and people in the league. This makes him gets a lot of interview. One of those interview is happened in a show that hosted by Dan Le Batard. In the show Carr is asked to explain the length of pranks that David would do to him and as the answer Carr tells a story that when he is around 10 or 11. Around this age both of his brothers already play football and David makes Derek to slap the second brother Darren on the face. Darren is 6-foot-6 and weigh to 320-pound he takes a position of defensive line man. With such stat it is obvious that the brother ma look scary and far bigger then Derek at that time. The act obviously doesn’t ends well for Derek at that time and his brother Dave doesn’t even help him. Darren grabs Derek and throws him through the wall.

Carr has makes a successful attempt to top 300 yards. He made this successful attempt through the air and it is happened consecutively in several games. This is a great achievement for his career and that is the first time he manages to do something like that. A combination of him and Amari Cooper the other choice of great rookie makes both of them impossible to handle in games that happened on the last two weeks. Such combination makes Carr can enjoy the game and doesn’t have to work too hard in making score. Bears is a team with greatest defense on the league. The defense only allows a very small amount of touchdown for any game. Such defense doesn’t seem require an more enhancement.

Derek Dallas Carr is cars full name he is a player that on March 28 in 1991. He takes a position of quarterback in Oakland Raider. He is career at National Football League is just started in one season. Raiders took him on the second round of recruitment on this season. His name is included on NFL Draft for 2014. His football career is started at Fresno State where he played college football. His oldest brother is David Carr which is a first candidate of overall pick that based on NFL draft for 2002. His brother is also graduated from Fresno State.

Poll Choice of Quarterbacks

Tony RomoAn acute shortage of quarterback is happened in NFL. Injuries have taken three starters in the list of highest-ranked starters that include nine players of QB Tiers survey that performed in 2015. Those three players are now shall to stay at side line. Drew Brees, Ben Roethlisberger and are the three players that have wait until they recover from their injuries. Peyton Manning caught up on one severe injury that makes him so close to the end line of his career. It is important for the league to get additional young prospect to fill the position of those quarterback. It isn’t a proble if the players haven’t proven his capability yet. The most important thing is to get a good player with strong mind an body that willing to make his career in NFL.

A group of 35 people that consist of personnel evaluators and coaches make a poll for the project of QB Tiers. This project is having as strong tendency that always draw them toward choices in a draft that issued at the second round from Oakland Raiders'. The draft is arranged at 2014. It consists of quarterback choice for first and second year. There is a tendency hat this list has the probability to get the top of the tier. The group has certain tendency for Teddy Bridgewater. Jameis Winston is another choice that they often talk about and the group has varied comment about him. Marcus Mariota alwys get a positive response from the group though they haven’t really talks about taking him to stardom yet. Blake Bortles is another choice that they include to consideration though they haven’t been so hot about him.

Carr position is different than those choices that mentioned earlier. Some source that the group regards him higher than other choice. The consideration is disturbed by the fact that he is a brutal rookie. He manages to get to 20 in the rank though he just entered one season. Pursuing for him is probably the best choice since he does have a promising record. In 2015 Carr manage to create a trend that leads him to the right direction. He gets good numbers for his capability and the teammate likes him. It is obvious that such behavior gives the league people and polling team has high hopes for him. Though, it may be better if we give more consideration about him. Based on a comment that given by a veteran coach for defense, gives us some insights that Carr has a weak point. This is where the QB needs to improve for better evaluation.

Derek Carr give a credits to his older brother that now is a former quarterback at NFL league. Such credits are given since the Oakland Raiders quarterback manages to get into NFL with help from his brother. Since they were brothers there is a tendency for them to pick and pull pranks at each other. David also have the tendency to do this to his bother and it may get worse since there are 12 years range between them.

Alonso Intention to Leave the Team

Ron_Dennis.jpgMcLaren is in for a very difficult situation that related to both of their driver and it is obvious that they were troubled with the situation. As a Chairman of McLaren, Ron Dennis are interviewed by BBC and in the proces he is trying to make people think that there is nothing wrong about the driver and McLaren didn’t have any problem with Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso. But the fact is that there is a contract problem between the driver and McLaren. Their contract still binds them with McLaren until next year but they want to leave McLaren for some reason that relates to Honda performance and progress. The mistake in agen bola terpercaya Honda lacks of progress is related t their capability to make an enhancement in their engine development for the race of this season.

Their drivers are having difficulties to believe that the improvement will happen next year. That situation is induced by a suspicion that Honda didn’t have a good idea of making an improvement for their engine situation which is important for both of their drivers for next year season. For Alonso, the problem is that he have a contract that binds him with McLaren-Honda for two more years but during the race in Japanese Grand Prix he had to give out his frustration about his engine situation and he eventually said that he didn’t sure about his existence in F1 event next year. The suspicion about hi discomfort with the engine are then refuted by a statement that says everything is ok on McLaren and people don’t have to look at it since there is nothing to see.

The statement enhance people suspicion and make some of the audience sure that the statement is forced into his mouth as a strategy of PR. It is a fact that Fernando are able to leave McLaren anytime he wants and such intention and talks won’t stop until McLaren slap his mouth with some amount of money for face and honor won’t change anything in this situation. It is rare to have an opportunity to see a driver walks away from their team situation. Such spectacle hasn’t happened in many years. The last record is in 1995 where Nigel Mansell retires from McLaren after two races and before that in 1979 Niki Lauda and James Hunt that leave McLaren in the middle of racing season.

That data shows how rare the occasion is happened and it would be a surprise for everyone if the driver leaves his team when the year ends. There is no change that would happen to McLaren capability in a competition. It is impossible to make a change now since the time for the last race for this season is near. Alonso understand this situation and admit it through a statement this weekend. Thus he also knows that he doesn’t really have a choice to ride the machine until the end of the year and it will extend to the opening season next year but if McLaren wants to change they actually have enough time for it.